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The Power of Prayer "Hear my prayer, O Lord: listen to my cry for mercy. In the day of my trouble I will call to you, for you will answer me..." Psalm 86:6-7

Our weakness makes room for his power, when we go to Him in prayer. He knows our every want and need. Hopelessness can be turned into hope through prayer. God is pleased when he sees His people in prayer; it is the barometer of the church. Make a vow to pray more in this year for your own concerns...

Check out VUMC's Prayer Opportunities below:
For more information about each Prayer Opportunity, please contact our church office at (269) 649-2343.

Prayer Hot Line
The Lay Servants in VUMC are willing to support you in phone prayer and join you in lifting up your needs to God. You may call them at any time; John Cleveland , Ken Franklin, Steve Fryling, Brad Hanson, Laurie Nic, David Penning, Kathy Phillips, Jim Thompson and Vera Walker.

Prayer Chain
Every Monday morning a "Monday Report" is emailed out to this chain of church members. It includes a list of all the prayer concerns and praises from Sunday's Worship. If you would like to be added to the prayer chain, please fill out the form on the right side of this page. Prayer Concerns & Praises can also be entered in the form on the right side at any time, 24/7. Your concern/praise will be raised in prayer throughout the week.

P.I.T. Crew (Personal Intercessory Prayer)
One of the first places to start in building a church into a house of prayer is with prayer for the pastor and his family. Many think pastors have few problems, and they mistakenly believe that people in full-time Christian service have special favor with God that protects them from the ordinary difficulties of life. But, pastors experience all the same difficulties as their church members do, plus they have the incredibly demanding job of leading a church.

In addition to being on the call 24/7, a pastor is often plagued with unrealistic expectations and criticism from his flock. Satan knows that if he can strike a shepherd, the sheep will scatter, and the impact of the ministry will be diminished.

In addition to battling loneliness, stress, feelings of inadequacy and depression, pastors are also direct targets of spiritual warfare. God gives pastors more responsibility and accountability than others. Pastors are more susceptible to temptation. The higher one goes in Christian leadership, the higher one goes on Satan's hit list. Pastors have more influence on others, so when they fall, they take more people with them. Pastors receive more scrutiny, gossip and criticism.

Without the supernatural power of God released through a praying congregation, pastors and churches often never reach their potential in God. However, when pastors are prayed for, they are equipped to carry out God's plan.

We have started our own Personal Intercessory Team here at VUMC and we want to involve the whole church. These teams will be known as PIT Crews and they will be in prayer at the beginning of each Sunday from 10:30-11am in a small room in the lower level. Each group, class, committee will take a turn at being the PIT crew. Walk-ins are always welcome. Some folks may need to pray at home. We want to raise up a prayer shield for our minister during the Sabbath and throughout the week. PIT Crew folks will get to wear special tags designed by Mike Hardy!

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be in us and work through us as we step out in faith to truly become a house of prayer!

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