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Having Fun & Growing IN Christ!

The youth ministry of any church is important. VUMC realizes this and encourages the youth of Vicksburg and surrounding communities to come and grow with us.

So that the youth of Vicksburg have an opportunity to LOVE God, LEAD others to Christ, LINK together with other Christians, LEARN about their faith, and LOOK after the needs of our community.


We accomplish these goals variety of ways including, community service, short term mission trips, weekly Bible study, and fellowship gatherings.

The Youth Ministry of VUMC offers ministries for youth:

Middle School Youth Ministry
HELIX meets Tuesdays from 6-7:30 pm. We meet every Tuesday in "The Shed" at VUMC. Why is it called “The Shed”? Because it is where we go to get the tools we need to grow as Christians!

HELIX meetings stress building a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.
We do this by transforming, equipping, and impacting!
  • Step 1: Transform lives from the dark of this world to the light of Christ.
  • Step 2: Equip each student with the tools to live a life reflecting their choice to serve God.
  • Step 3: Teach students to use those tools to go out and impact lives so they may start the process for others.
These tools span a lifetime. In the same way a DNA helix is the base of life, we want students to realize Christ as the base of their lives.

We also love having a good time and schedule many fun events throughout the year!
High School Youth Ministry

RAW meets Sundays Right After Worship from around 12:15-2pm Since we don’t start until VUMC’s worship service ends our start times vary.
Our goal is to invite every youth to commit to a personal relationship and everlasting adventure with Jesus Christ, mentoring them towards wholeness within a supportive church community and empowering them to bring healing and hope to the world.

RAW is moving!
Beginning in June RAW, our High School youth ministry, will begin meeting on Thursdays from 6-8pm. Since RAW has always meant Right After Worship we will also be changing its name. However, we haven't decided on a new name yet.

Summer Missions

pawshuskaSince 2000, the Youth of VUMC have embarked on summer mission trips to go and spread the Word of God. In the last five years we have traveled to Orlando, FL, Campbellsville, KY, Somerset, KY, Queens, NY, and the Osage Reservation in Pawhuska, OK.

Each trip stresses the love of Christ in the lives of the students, and sharing that love with the people they encounter on the trip.

The 2014 Summer Mission will be here in South Kalamazoo County, as we endeavor to serve our home community. We hope that students will realize that needs exist here at home, and will find ways to serve throughout the year instead of focusing on missions being something that is done for just one week each summer.


VUMC charters Boy Scouts of America Unit #251.
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