Lay Speaking

Called to Serve

VUMC is a place where you can be trained and equipped to serve others in ministry.

Is God calling YOU to be trained to serve Him better?

As a lay servant, you can discern what God is calling you to say and do! God has given you something to say!

Who are Lay Servants?

Lay Servants are members of the congregation at VUMC - lay people - who become servants and teachers of God's word in the church. They may also serve in other leadership roles.

Who can become a Lay Servant?

ANY member of VUMC who feels called to become better trained in speaking and teaching the Word of God can have the opportunity to become a Lay Servant and refine their God-given gifts of speaking and teaching!

Do all Lay Servants have to preach sermons?

No! Some feel called to speaking. Then the pastor asks them to occasionally fill the pulpit in a pastoral absence. But, others feel called to visit the sick, lead education programs, or take on leadership tasks or other roles needed to further our Mission as a church.

VUMC has a very active and growing group of trained lay servants, who would be more than happy to have you join their ranks!

Lay Servant Training helps you to become better prepared for ANY leadership role in the church.

What do I have to do to become a Lay Servant?

Well, you're in luck! United Methodism is unique in that is has created an official training and certification program just for Lay People! During this 24-hour training, split between several sessions, you will be taught by a United Methodist Pastor. This course focuses on: Leading, Speaking, and Teaching about God's Word and grace to His people.

At the end of this course, participants are consecrated and titled for work as a local church Lay Servant at VUMC! Taking an additional course allows you to be a certified lay servant in other UMC congregations.

After training, you will be certified to be a local church lay servant!

If you are interested in becoming a Lay Servant, or have a question or comments on our Lay Servant Program, contact the church office, 649-2343, for more information or pick up a brochure at the welcome center.