Small Groups

Experience community and grow deeper in a Small Group.

Thank you for taking an interest in the small group ministries here at VUMC. Our desire is to provide opportunities for you to grow and experience the love of God in Christ through fellowship, study, and service.

The purpose of our small groups is to give you a place to develop Christ-Centered relationships within our church family. So, we hope you will take some risks and go beyond what's comfortable and meet some new folks.

Please take a little time and look through this listing of groups, then you can make some choices about what may fit your individual or family needs. If you have any questions regarding current groups offered, times, or locations, please call the church office at 269/649-2343.

Find A Group

Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups exist to explore a specific biblical topic, doctrine or book of the Bible. Through in-depth study, teaching and discussion, you will expand your knowledge of the Bible.

Discovery Groups

If you are a new Christian, there are some "first steps" to take to begin your new life in Christ on solid ground. These groups are designed to help you get acclimated to the basics of the Christian life: how to navigate the Bible, basic prayer principles, church attendance and Christian fellowship.

Interest Groups/Music Groups

These groups provide an opportunity for people to meet and form friendships with others around a personal interest or hobby they have in common.

Life Groups

These small groups meet together to discuss issues we face in everyday life including finances, family, marriage, spiritual growth, and men's/women's interests. Or to create a support network for many of life's encounters. You'll be encouraged to live the abundant life Jesus promised.

Service/Mission Groups

These groups exist to explore local and regional service and mission opportunities. Most are short-term commitments, many involving only a couple of hours per month.

Prayer Groups

Our church is committed to being people of prayer and making that available in as many ways as possible.

Kid/Youth Groups

These groups help young children and students find growth and fellowship in Christian community.