Vicksburg United Methodist Church

Heart & Hands Preschool

Thanks for taking a moment to browse our website. The folks here call me "Pastor Greg" or just “Greg" because we’re all basically ordinary people who need a Savior.  We're not a bunch of “super Christians” who have it all perfectly put together. We love God and we love people. Our hearts and our minds are open to Jesus transforming our otherwise dull lives so that we can be authentically-human like Him and go serve our neighbors in His name. Together, God is leading us to be a multi-generational church of Spiritual Purpose, Presence, and Power. My wife Joanne and I -- as well as our four children — are thrilled to be welcomed in on this journey. There is a place here for you and your family as well.  We invite you to come and see!

In the peace of Christ,

Pastor Greg

Sunday Worship Schedule:

Resurgence: 9:30 am (1st week of the month only) 

Sunday school: 10:30 am (during the school year)

Heritage: 11 a.m

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Resurgence Order of Worship

Bulletin 2024-07-14.pdf