Music is one of the special gifts and joys of our church. There is a host of musicians who share their talents in a wide range of ensembles, and through special music. Please note: an AUDITION may be required on a case-by-case basis.

Chancel Choir

Performances: Weekly @ Heritage worship

Rehearsals: Wednesdays @ 7pm

Worship Band

Performances: Weekly @ Resurgence worship

Rehearsals: Sundays @ 9 am

Wind Ensemble

Performances: Occasional @ Heritage worship

Rehearsals: Sunday School on performance weeks

Jazz Combo

Performances: Occasional @ Resurgence worship

Rehearsals: Sunday @ 9 am of performance date

Bell Choir

The Bell Choir is not rehearsing or performing actively at the present time.

For more information about our ensembles, or to schedule a special music performance, please contact our music director Alex Ensing:  

Choir Reference Tracks (click on file names to open and download):